Thursday, October 11, 2012


I think I abuse my skin by testing a lot of different products. I was never satisfied because my skin becomes imune after a month or two of using the similar brand or medication. I have a combination skin (my t-zone becomes really oily but there are some dry areas where you can literally see flakes of dry skin up-close) and I am prone to breakouts. I keep on testing products that will help solve my problem. It started back in college when blemish started showing on different parts of my face and even acne during that time of the month. I even have facial treatment once a month. I also tried seeing a dermatologist but I couldn't keep up with all the checkup and procedure she offers me. I continued using what she prescribed but I ended up throwing everything after two months since my skin is no longer taking the medication. The only thing that is left and I'm still using it until now is the Cetaphil moisturizing cream.

I won't state every product that I have used (it's such a long list). But a lot of it doesn't really work even how expensive it is. 

Oh well... 

Anyway, these are the products that I am currently using. I used all these back in high school since a dermatologist also prescribed it and it works really well. But I wasn't having trouble with breakouts and oily skin before (I wish my skin would stay the same). 

After testing so many brands I still go back to using Cetaphil. They have added a lot of new cleanser and moisturizer for different skin condition.

I always have their gentle skin cleanser, it is very mild and you can use it as often as needed. I recently bought the oily skin cleanser hoping that it will prevent my skin from breakouts and it did. Out of all the cleanser I have used this one helps the blemish to dry-out faster.

I have also switched and start using the moisturizing lotion after finishing the moisturizing cream. I think I'll stick to using the moisturizing lotion since I can use it to moisturize my whole body and it is gentle enough to be use on my face. I also like that Cetaphil doesn't have a strong fragrance. I just hate those products that have a strong fragrance because it can trigger my allergic rhinitis.     

I also started using sunscreen. This is a must!!! The harmful rays of the sun can cause our skin to age faster and some skin condition may also occur. NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT SUNSCREEN if you don't want to be sorry for your skin. If you are expose to any heat (like staying in front of the computer, cooking and the like) at work or in school or where ever you are wear sunscreen. 

I like this Shu Uemura UV armor because it doesn't feel heavy to wear alone or under a makeup. It is not sticky and it glides easily. Also the fact that it has a SPF 50 PA+++. 

Even if you have sunscreen don't dare expose yourself on direct sunlight. Be cautious! 

After going back to using Cetaphil I noticed that my skin becomes softer and less breakouts. Cetaphil also helps to balance the pH level of my skin since it is now less oily around my t-zone and I can no longer see any visible flakes of dry skin. It doesn't sting as well unlike other products I have used. I think I will no longer try to change this product from my regular skin regimen. 

♥ Kat

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