Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I was one of the lazy people out there who neglects a lot in taking care of their body. I just recently start paying attention to every single part of it. And the most that I didn't care about before are my lips. I ended up pulling dry parts of it using my teeth (which sometimes leads to bleeding) or over wiping it with a towel. But now lip balm is one of the many essentials I cannot live without. I apply it in the evening before going to sleep and reapply it in the morning after I wake up. By doing so my lips now are more soft and moisturized.

I came across these two products in the market. I started comparing them and see which of these lip balm really does works. I got the tube one since it is easier to apply than the ones in a pot in which you have to use your finger (not very hygienic).

Let's start with BURT'S BEES Honey Lip Balm which is 100% natural and has Vitamin E.  

+ 100% natural ingredients.
+ Keeps lips moisturize, preventing it from being dry. 
+ It has a cooling sensation.

+ A bit pricey for a lip balm.
+ Not very long lasting, you have to apply it again once in a while. 
+ It has some sort of minty-flowery scent that I do not like. Strong smelling compare to Carmex.

Now let's move on with CARMEX Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 15. 

+ Cheaper price compare to Burt's Bees.
+ It has a cooling sensation.
+ Long lasting. 
+ Helps heal chapped lips.
+ The sticky formula makes it easier to glide on the lips.
+ It contains SPF 15.
+ It has a minty-vanilla scent, very mild and soothing. 

+ It has chemical ingredients.

As for the overall review both lip balm are amazing, I love them and they work really well. But if you have to choose only one then I'd go for Carmex since it doesn't only prevent lips from being dry it heals chapped lips compare to Burt's Bees that only prevents dry lips. Also, if you consider the price range Carmex is cheaper. But if you're not a fan of sticky lip balm and you want a product that is organic then go for Burt's Bees. 

I hope that helps.

(Lazy to take out my camera so I used my phone to take photos and some cool camera applications.)

♥ Kat

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  1. Most of the time the "unnatural" beauty products works much better then the "natural". There is nothing better then petrolatum (Vaseline) for lips! I love my Carmex lip balm! It is a must have for all makeup artists.