Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here I am decided to start blogging again after deleting every single post on my blog. I don't really know if I could continue this again but then again why not. It is never too late especially when there are so many good reasons to start with. 

How do I begin... 

First, I want everyone to know that I have engaged to a new chapter in my life, which is to settle-down together with my long time boyfriend. We have been together for more than five years before we decided to tie the knot. 

Here is a little sneak peek of our wedding. I will post a new entry once we have collected all our photos from our photographer. For the meantime this teaser will do. 

Brian and Katrina | 081112 | MIDAS Hotel

Photographed by: Cramnet Photography

Come back again next time if you want to see more photos and details about my wedding.


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